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How to Yarn wit’ Your Teen ’bout Sextin’

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Tell Dem Straight Up, No Shame!

Aight, listen up ya mob! When it comes to talkin’ ’bout sextin’, don’t be shy or beat around the bush. You gotta have an open and honest yarn with your teen, no shame involved. Let dem know dat you’re there for dem and ready to tackle dis topic head on.

Bust Out Some Real-Life Examples

Nothin’ gets through to young ones like real-life examples. Share some stories or news articles about da consequences of sextin’. Show dem how it can affect their reputation, relationships, and even legal troubles. Paint a clear picture so dey understand da potential risks involved.

Set Boundaries and Talk Tech

Lay down some ground rules when it comes to technology usage. Discuss appropriate online behavior and remind dem dat once somethin’s out in cyberspace, it’s hard to take back. Teach em’ about privacy settings on social media platforms and encourage em’ not to share any intimate content at all.

Show Empathy and Be Non-Judgmental

Your teen might feel embarrassed or ashamed if they’ve been involved in sexting activities. It’s important for you as a parent or guardian to show empathy and let them know that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Be non-judgmental so they feel comfortable opening up about their experiences without fear of punishment.

Keep Communication Lines Open

The key here is ongoing communication! Make sure your teen knows that they can come talk to you anytime without judgment or anger. Encourage them to ask questions if they’re unsure about something or if they need advice. Let dem know dat you’re always there to support and guide dem through any challenges dey may face.


Talkin’ ’bout sextin’ with your teen ain’t an easy task, but it’s a necessary one. By approachin’ da topic with openness, empathy, and real talk, you can help educate and protect your young ones from the potential dangers of sexting. Remember to keep those communication lines open and be their go-to person when they need guidance in this digital age.

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